CB LookUp

by Kim Nilsson (NoSubstitute) @ github.com/NoSubstitute

DEMO of CB_LookUp

Click anywhere in the image below to open the demo in a new tab.

Do a search for the serial 5CD60358BW or the user email kim@my.domain.

Scroll down to se the results.

This demo is running as me, so you don't need to authorise the script. In your own organisation, you should probably choose to let the script run as the user accessing, which is the best for logging purposes, but that also requires you assign your users proper admin rights.

Searching for a device by serial number or email address does a query in a previously created Google Sheets file.

The Sheets file is created with GAMADV-XTD3 and formated according to the new template for CB_Activity.

Normally you would have either a time triggered Apps Script or a scheduled GAM to keep the Sheets file updated. As this is a demo, the file is static.

To get your own copy of CB_LookUp head over to the wiki on github and follow the instructions.

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